Dromaeosaurus Dinosaur #Raptor #Claw.
Dromaeosauridae is a family of bird-like #Therapod #Dinosaurs [bird hipped]. They were small to medium sized possibly feathered #Carnivores that flourished the #Cretaceous Period. Often referred to as #Raptors, after the popular and emotive Velociraptor, name tag.
The name #Dromaeosauridae means Running Lizards, from the Greek dromeus meaning runner. Dromaeosaurid #Fossils have been found in North African Fossil Beds of Kem Kem.
They first appeared in the middle #Jurassic Period [Bathonian stage, around 167 million years ago] and survived until the end of the Cretaceous [Maastrichtian stage, around 65.5 million years ago], existing for over 100 million years, up until the Cretaceous #Paleogene #extinction event. Surely proving there efficiency and dominance over their selected prey. The presence of Dromaeosaurus as early as the middle Jurassic has been confirmed #Dromaeosaurus

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